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it took me many iterations to land at this final image for this page. in the original text draft of the book, i had just written "everything exists on this page" and i think after many days of sketching and drafting out different arrangements, i managed to include every character, object, and item that appears in the book in this drawing. it became a fun puzzle for me to build, and i'm excited that you can spend some more time with it as a print, finding fun details and things in it! (and if you wanted my opinion i think this print would be really great for coloring!!)

Enhanced Matte Paper Print

These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper. Perfect for coloring or simply for looking at!

When choosing your print sizing, please note that the image of the print on its own (without the person holding it for size reference) represents the accurate placement and layout of the image on the print. Some graphics issues may cause the size-reference graphic (with the person holding the print) to render the print inaccurately! Please use the isolated print graphic for layout reference and the modeled print graphic for size reference.