goodbye print

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i really like this image because who of us hasn't stared out at the stars, searching for something tangible to appear out of the night to give meaning -- real, hard meaning -- to what we're doing here on this planet. if that meaning ever appeared for you, would you still be satisfied if the spaceship wasn't landing, but taking off? i think there is even peace in knowing, truly knowing, that you've been left behind. we could do great things with that knowledge.

Enhanced Matte Paper Print

These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper. Perfect for coloring or simply for looking at!

When choosing your print sizing, please note that the image of the print on its own (without the person holding it for size reference) represents the accurate placement and layout of the image on the print. Some graphics issues may cause the size-reference graphic (with the person holding the print) to render the print inaccurately! Please use the isolated print graphic for layout reference and the modeled print graphic for size reference.