snow print

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the first time i had this thought, "if art is supposed to inspire, then why does it make me feel like an empty room," was on a cold winter day after spending an entire morning at a museum while i was supposed to be working on the book. i often (very often) get too overwhelmed by the thought that i'll never be able to make anything that makes me feel the way my favorite art makes me feel, that i can't bring myself to listen to music, watch tv, watch movies, read, go see art, for days. i become filled with a silence, like everything is covered with a deep snowfall. hopefully, this print doesn't intimidate anybody into feeling that way, but instead helps some of you navigate this same feeling by letting me say to you "i've felt this too."

by the way, the text in this print is designed from my own handwriting!

Enhanced Matte Paper Print

These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper. Perfect for coloring or simply for looking at!

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