everything in the shop is inspired by my book, everyone's a aliebn when ur a aliebn too (Harper Perennial, 2017)!

signed (and personalized!) copies are available through Porter Square Books—they ship internationally!

you can find the book anywhere books are sold!


more information about the book is at jomnysun.com!

this shop, its content, and all of its products were designed and written by jonny sun.

the shop is run by jonny's shop team. you can contact the shop team here.

except for the pins and stickers, every item in this shop is made-to-order by a third party print fulfillment service, which means they will never be sold out (though designs may be added or removed at any time, so don't wait too long if you like something!). pins and stickers are stocked on limited inventory. if they go out of stock, we will order more, so hang tight!

this shop is a constantly evolving place for new ideas and designs made by jonny, so please check back again soon!